I provide Kubernetes training that is focused on practical skills, but is also structured in a way that allows to easy comprehend the most fundamental aspects of it.

Kubernetes foundations

  • Duration: 3 days
  • Format: workshop (40% lectures/60% practical tasks and exercises)
  • Target groups: everyone starting their journey with Kubernetes - developers, administrators, devops and architects


Because of the fact that it’s a workshop, it is required for atendees to:

  • be able to use linux command line interface
  • know typical command line tools such as ssh, scp and any text editor (e.g. vi/vim, nano, mcedit)
  • (for BringYourOwnLaptop option) be able to launch a virtual machine on their workstation with 3GB of memory using VirtualBox


Day 1

  • What are containers and their features
  • How containers work
  • Running containers from public images using Docker
  • Providing configuration and storage for containers
  • Building and publishing container images
  • Running multi-container applications

Day 2

  • Kubernetes architecture and overview
  • Setting up local cluster with Minikube
  • Managing Kubernetes objects
  • Separating environments with namespaces
  • Container in a Pod
  • Scaling Pods with ReplicaSet
  • Storing data on persistent volumes (PersistentVolume, PersistentVolumeClaim)

Day 3

  • Internal and external communication in Kubernetes using Service
  • Exposing http services with Ingress
  • Managing application deployment from code with Deployment resource
  • Basic cluster monitoring with Prometheus
  • Logging aggregation with ElasticSearch, Fluentd and Kibana (EFK)
  • Installing applications using Helm and Charts